The coat of arms of the Château de Fléchères

Château de Fléchères

A private Historic Monument

Fléchères is the largest château open to visitors around Lyon. Built in one go from 1606 to 1625 and preserved intact, it offers an exceptional picture of the life of the grandees of Lyon in the 17th century.

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The chambre de la Parade
The chambre de la Parade

A vision of Italy at the gates of Lyon

In 1632, the painter Pietro Ricchi, just arrived from Tuscany, here realised an astonishingly varied decor, which surpasses all those that are known in France from this period, for its quality, scale and state of conservation.

The visit to the château also allows admiration of the great carved fireplaces, the grand open staircase, a Louis XV paneled apartment with rich furnishings, and the early kitchens in working order.

The château

The Grand Salon
The Grand Salon

A garden à la française, a park à l’anglaise

Over 30 ha, the garden à la française and the park ‘à l’anglaise’ invite a wander under the magnificient trees and afford fine views of the château and the Beaujolais hills.

The parc